Rodent control

The economic damage caused by rodents is very significant, but their role as vectors cannot be ignored either. Therefore, providing continuous rodent control is a must. Relying on the application of up-to-date pesticides, special accessories and more than 25 years of experience, our company guarantees rodent control with maximum safety, followed by maintenance of rodent-free conditions in the long run.

We undertake:

  • complete rodent control with guarantee in communities,

  • elimination of local infestation sources within larger communities,

  • rodent control with guarantee in factories, companies, agricultural plants,

  • maintenance work to preserve achieved rat-free conditions for an unlimited period.

The best reference of our traditional activity is that Budapest, with its total 525 sq. km area is the only metropolis in the world where rats have not caused any public health, economic or nuisance problem for nearly 30 years now. In accordance with a contract signed with the Municipal Government of Budapest, our company will continue to carry out this important activity in the coming years.