Cleaning and disinfection garbage shoots

The cleaning of garbage shoots had for long been an intractable problem in Hungary. Impurities sticking to the walls of the shoots, as well as the hygiene conditions and the unpleasant smell of the garbage dump and storage premises cause tenants lots of problems. The dirt stuck within the shoots creates favourable conditions to the proliferation of different parasites and insects. A self-propelling equipment developed for this special purpose and unique of its kind in Hungary ensures the efficiency of the method applied by our company. Major features of the activity: water under pressure of 300 atmospheres, special detergent and disinfectant, washing from below upward, 20-30 minutes washing time. Results of the service provided: lack of smell and clogging for months.

We undertake:

  • simultaneous washing, disinfection and deodorization of garbage shoots and dump areas under high pressure,

  • removal of clogs in shoots.