Insect control

Cockroaches provoke disgust, but they may also spread a number of infectious diseases. Individual protection against cockroaches does not usually provide proper results. As a result of the biology of cockroaches and of the construction technology of apartment buildings, the most effective method is an organized cockroach control which covers the entire building (apartments, surrounding public areas, garbage shoots, etc.) and is performed at the same time.

During insect control our company uses residual insecticides with long-term effect which present no harm to man and pets. The treatment is done with a method combining spraying and flushing out by cold fogging which does not interfere with the business of the place or the work of the client. To kill the eventually surviving insects and/or larvae hatched in the interim, the treatment is repeated in six weeks time. By carrying out two combined treatments, we guarantee cockroach-free conditions for six months.

We undertake:

  • cockroach control in entire residential estates, apartment buildings, apartments, and surrounding public areas,

  • maintenance of cockroach-free conditions for six months at a favorable lump-sum rate, once treatment is done in all apartments,

  • cockroach control in public establishments (educational and children’s institutions, catering and commercial units, etc.) with 6 or 12-month guarantee,

  • cockroach control in individual apartments based on individual orders.