Pest control products

Since its launch in 1965, BÁBOLNA BIO has developed and grown steadily.  From a small pest control servicing company at that time, it has grown and expanded its activities both geographically and in terms of product portfolio and technologies.

The company has the capability to supply conventional and environmentally-safe products that make our world more enjoyable. The rodenticides, insecticides and insecticide-free sticky traps it manufactures are distributed in Hungary as well as on the European markets and overseas territories.

At the core of the business lies a wide range of biorational products containing insect growth regulators (IGRs) being highly successful and proven formulations for the control of the most different species of insects.

The continuous innovation and research on new products are key pillars in the success of the company which is supported by in house technical expertise, biological laboratory and capability of data generation required for development of registration dossiers on international level.

BÁBOLNA BIO is focused on providing solutions to pest control industry which are cost efficient and help to improve the efficacy.

Whatever is the target: monitor or eliminate you can always rely on BÁBOLNA BIO for the right pest management solution.



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