Production - Bábolna Plant

BABOLNA BIO has more than 40 years’ experience in the manufacture and packaging of various pest control products.

As a result of our technological developments year by year, we have established such complex production technologies which are capable of manufacturing rodenticide baits based on any active ingredients both in large and small packages. We are currently producing loose baits, grain baits, as well as granulated and extruded rodenticides; for the consumer market, pack sizes range from 25 to 400 g including both traditional sachets and modern plastic trays covered with foil, while for professional pest control companies the products are packed in buckets and bags of 4 to 25 kg.

For rodent control under special conditions, we have developed a technology suitable for the manufacture of moisture-resistant wax disc and block formulations to be used in the sewers, as well as of extruded wax blocks. The extruded products can be manufactured in a wide size range.

Our company’s objective is to develop such products that pose the least possible risk during application both for the user and the environment. To comply with these conditions, we have implemented the production of non-toxic sticky insect traps on an automatic production line.

We have established a complex technology for the production and packaging of up-to-date, granulated ant baits. The equipment of our own design can be adapted to the packaging of fresh baits and liquids, too.

We also have a packaging line for the effective production and packaging of liquid pesticides and household chemical products. These are manufactured on high frequency equipment and are fitted with temper-proof seal and child-proof cap. We use double-sided labelling equipment and indelible inkjet print for marking of the products.

In addition to the above, further technologies allow us to pack both the liquid and the dust formulations in a range from 5 to 5,000 ml. Our equipments are suitable to pack dust formulations into 10 to 100 gram sachets for sale in retail units, as well as into various plastic packages from 100 to 3,000 grams. We also have the appropriate automatic equipments to pack liquids – similarly to dust formulations – into 20 to 100 ml sachets.

Our company is also involved in filling aerosol products. Our equipment is suitable for filling aerosol cans sized from 50 to 600 ml with propane-butane, CO2, or dimethyl-ether as the propellant.

To better exploit our free capacities, we are ready to undertake contract filling as well.

The strategy of our company consists in full service of the customers’ needs while complying with the increasing requirements in terms of quality and environment protection. We wish to achieve these goals through continuous training of our staff on one hand, and permanent improvement of the technical background on the other hand. Should you wish to have any of the above product type contract filled/manufactured, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. József Tomcsik
production director