Pest control

BÁBOLNA BIO (earlier: Bábolna Disinfection Station) has been involved in public health pest control for more than 30 years, since 1965. It is our company that has implemented large-scale rat and cockroach control actions in Budapest, and has thus proved its ability to organize and carry out effective pest control actions that are also exemplary in respect of environment protection. In the meantime, this traditional scope of activities has been complemented by hygiene services, allowing us to offer our clients complex pest control services.

It is mostly the high quality research and development activity that provides the background for BÁBOLNA BIO’s success. With this in view, the company has set up its own research laboratories, as well as its pesticide production and packaging plants. During its operation, our company has always played a leading role in the development, introduction, and distribution of new pesticides and pest control techniques.

In the past, BÁBOLNA BIO had a decisive role in the implementation into practice of anticoagulants in the field of rodent control and of synthetic pyrethroids and microencapsulated formulations in the field of cockroach control. The elaboration of cockroach control technologies by flushing out technique is also connected with our company. Nowadays, BÁBOLNA BIO is a leading company in the development, manufacture and application of non-toxic insect traps, insect pheromones, pheromone traps and hormonally acting insect growth regulators (IGR).

To achieve the objectives as outlined above, our company has been continuously elaborating preventive pest control strategies. We are developing up-to-date, environment-friendly techniques and formulations in close cooperation with Hungarian and foreign companies and institutes.