About us

The activities of BÁBOLNA BIOENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE look back to a past of 45 years now. During the four decades of its operations, the company has gained a leading role in the field of large scale, centrally organized pest control as well as in the production and sales of pesticides.

BÁBOLNA BIO is justly proud of its systematic pest control actions covering districts or even whole cities, carried out with unique success by international standards. One of the most widely known of these actions was the total deratization of the capital of Budapest, and the maintenance of this rat-free state for more than 35 years as another outstanding result.

In addition to the traditional pest control activity, the company has become highly experienced in the production of rodenticides, insecticides, insecticide-free products, ectoparasiticides, aerosols and household cleaning products. By its rodenticide line BÁBOLNA BIO can offer the full range of formulations, i.e. grain bait, pellet, fresh bait and wax blocks made by compression, moulding or extrusion. 

Nowadays, BÁBOLNA BIO is among the industry leaders in the development, production and bringing into general use of pesticide-free insect traps, insect pheromones, pheromone traps. The manufacture of insect growth regulating hormone analogues (IGRs) and the development of a multitude of formulations containing these active ingredients are significant achievements. These up-to-date, non-toxic, environment-friendly products can be widely used for protection against  fleas, mosquitoes, ants, bedbugs and flies without endangering the environment.

Apart from satisfaction of the Hungarian market needs, the company aims to be an active and determinant participant in the world market, too. The products manufactured by BÁBOLNA BIO are available by now in 35 countries worldwide, both in the European Union and overseas.

BÁBOLNA BIO's development projects always take into account, first and foremost, the customer. To provide best service and supply the customers on long term BÁBOLNA BIO made a considerable investment to submit dossiers and support its two compounds – bromadiolone and S-methoprene under the European Biocide Product Directive.

The corporate philosophy and, accordingly, the objective of BÁBOLNA BIO is to ensure a pest-free, clean environment for humans and companion animals always using the most up-to-date and environmentally safe materials and methods.